Powered Paragliding

All Powered ParaGlider (PPG) Pilots are required to fly under the FAA FAR-103 guidelines.  Any individual, young or old, male or female, may become a pilot.  The FAA doesn’t require you to seek the training of an instructor, but it is highly advised as those that self-train typically spend more for equipment they damage and are a typically a hazard to themselves and others.  There are  launching and landing techniques and safety issues that many individuals will only learn from an instructor.

Midwest Powered Paragliding can assist in your training in the Franklin/Indianapolis, IN area in the instruction of Powered Paragliding.  Instruction typically spans two to four weekends learning to kite the wing and motor handling.  During the weekdays, the student is encouraged to continue practicing and mastering the skills previously taught.  Some students learn faster than others, or may have other aviation experience that could impact training time.  The student learns at their pace, and when it is determined you are ready, the student gets their first solo flight.  Following the first solo flight, additional launch styles and landings are conducted until the student is ready to proceed on their own.

All students are urged to continue flying with the Indy Air Hogs.  This interaction with other new and advanced pilots plays a vital role in advancing the new pilot’s skills under a more controlled environment resulting in a much safer pilot.