PAP Moster 185 Dual Start


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MOSTER185 Plus Strenght and lightness the Moster impresses, for it’s not too heavy weight, it’s strong thrust equal to those engines with more cc’s. If you are a heavy pilot and you don’t want to carry too much weight then this is your engine. Perfect for lighter pilot’s addicted to dynamic flight. It’s the election of our pilot Ramon Morillas as for his height record flights and for the acrobatic exhibitions. It is the winner of the Icarobatix 2012 flown by the young Thomas Mignaux.


Motor Type Vitorazzi. 2 Stroke Monocylinder
Cooling Forced Air
Cylinder 185 cm3 ( 66 x 54 mm.)
Carburettor Walbro
Power 25 CV / 7800 R.P.M.
Ignition Electronic
Reduction gear PolyV Belt
Reduction rati 1/2,87
Start Dual Start
*Thrust (kg) aprox. 76kg aprox.78kg
Fuel Leaded or unleaded Super grade + synthetic oil 2,5 %
Fuel tank 13,5 L
*Autonomy hours *about 3 h
Cage Stainless Steel / T.I.G.
Paramotor weight 27,5 kg. 28 kg.
Harness size: S, M, L, XL Sup´Air Special PAP
Propeller Size 125 cm.
Paramotor Size 140x140x40
Max. Pilot weight 155 kg.


New frame TINOX

Always paying attention to the market we have been working since the beginning of last year in an evolution of our frame looking for less weight , comfort but without losing the robustness, and of course the safety that we have always sought.

The result is the TINOX, a frame that is composed mainly of 2 materials: Titanium for the hoops and stainless steel for the main body.

This frame is done in parts so that without any problem you can change any of the parts in case it is needed. The disassembly is very easy and the four parts are easily stored in the case that comes standard with each paramotor.

It exists in a single size of 140cm where you can put both 125cm and 130cm propeller.

The feeling of lightness is great in a frame that has been designed for take-off on foot, although it can be used without problem on a trike like the Rolling or mini Rolling.



Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
PAP Cage Size


Frame Option



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