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The Cargo is a revolution in the world of modern tandem paragliders. Designed for the most demanding professional tandem paraglider pilot, it is available in 3 sizes and its remarkable combination of outstanding ease of use, solid construction and great durability is without equal.

Even in nil wind the Cargo inflates faultlessly and evenly and, due to its exceptional performance, lifts off with only a few steps. With wind it behaves in an exemplary manner, always remaining easy to control. In flight the wing is pitch and roll stable, making it less work to fly. Manoeuvrability is what pilots have come to expect from Windtech’s trademark handling, dynamic and precise – simply the best there is.

Equipped with the S.A.S, a unique double-leading-edge design invented by Windtech, this not only improves safety and performance at high speeds but also guarantees excellent launch inflations for years to come since the cell openings have less mechanical tension, being therefore less stressed, and the load is better distributed. The floating reinforcements give a better profile definition, improving airflow over the wing; they also create extra, smoother internal pressure inside the wing.

The Cargo is made of Porcher Marine Skytex 45 Evolution. This is the best choice for a clean, wrinkle free, surface and will ensure it will last for hundreds of hours.
New aerodynamic profile, designed exclusively for the Cargo. It is very pitch stable therefore we guarantee progressive launch inflation and excellent energy conversion for landings.

The Cargo’s profile is rock-solid, even in turbulence. The brakes are light for a tandem paraglider, even when highly loaded.

Sink rate is top-notch; as a result we can fly with a high wing loading and choose between the 3 available sizes of Cargo. We have improved all-round performance and glide for thermalling and cross country flights.

All seams are internal for a clean finish, and high performance.

The S.A.S. leading edge makes it possible to extend the trim travel without compromising safety, achieving high transition speeds with top glide performance. The Cargo is the fastest tandem paraglider currently on the market. With the trimmers closed the turn radius is reduced and brake pressure gets even lighter, making working thermals not in the least bit physical.

New EN certification for sizes 39 and 43.

Version CARGO-LITE made from Skytex 27 giving a total weight of 5 kg; Ideal for the Para-alpinist and high altitude expeditions.

Paramotor version available for all 3 sizes of Cargo.

size 36 39 43
area (m2) 35.12 39.13 43.66
projected area (m2) 33.84 35.72 37.61
span (m) 13.53 14.28 15.03
projected span (m) 10.80 11.40 12.01
aspect ratio 5.2 5.2 5.2
projected aspect ratio 3.8 3.8 3.8
max chord (m) 3.23 3.41 3.59
min chord (m) 0.40 0.42 0.45
nº cells 51 51 51
line length (m) 8.30 8.64 9.05
canopy weight (kg) 9.9 10.6 11.2
all-up weight (kg) 115-195 125-215 140-225
all-up weight motor (kg) 115-240 125-250 140-260
min-max speed* (km/h) 25-52 25-52 25-52
EN certification load tested 24A-1B 23A-B

* speeds taken with pilot in middle of the weight range and standard lines at sea level.


cloth: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution
Top surface: 44 g/m2
Bottom surface: 40 g/m2
ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex 45 g/m2
rib reinforcement: Dacrón 180 g/m2
trailing edge reinforcement:     Polyester 175 g/m2
lines: Sheathed Kevlar 1.1/1.7/2.4 mm
maillons (quick links): Stainless steel 4 mm
risers: Polyamida-kevlar 25 mm


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Weight 25 lbs
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