MacPara Muse 5


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Is a new legend born?

We at MAC PARA have fulfilled a long-term dream. Our efforts have resulted in the creation of a glider of the EN-A category, which excels in performance and glide ratio, which are only achievable with gliders of higher categories. In addition, these performances are associated with simplicity, stability and passive safety. Muse 5 is a comfortable glider of the sport -performance category offering great XC potential.

Powerful and relaxing

Muse 5 exhibits balanced canopy behavior over the entire weight range. The neutral movements of the canopy in turbulent air are supported by precisely definable control, which contributes to the safety and pleasant steering of the glider by thermalling. The steering forces are medium and progressively increase. The canopy responds willingly to the steering. Inputs up to 40% of the control range allow easy control in strong thermal cores. Easy inflating and rising of the canopy during takeoff, these are the mandatory "ingredients", which are one of MAC PARA’s parameters of the overall glider’s safety. Reliable take-offs and landings are a matter of course for MUSE 5. Activation of the speed system is easy thanks to high-quality ball bearings pulleys. The stability of the canopy at full speed will please performance-oriented pilots. The imaginary icing on the cake is an extraordinary glide for the given category. The pilot remains the limit of the possible. 🙂

Light construction