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MacPara Pasha Wing

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Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two.

The quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. The new Pasha 5 Trike is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a tandem trike/quad. The very easy take-off and great landing behavior of the glider is well suited for both commercial and recreational use.  Its excellent performance combined with light and precise handling will delight paramotor pilots that want to travel with a passenger.


Quality you can Trust

Following in the Mac Para tradition, the Pasha 5 is an extension of the quality and performance found in all their paragliders but for tandem operation. The Pasha 5 is easy to handle both on the ground and in the air without compromising safety. According to Petr Recek (the designer at MacPara) its features have made the Pasha 5 tandem paraglider better than ever!


Robust Construction and Design

Higher aspect ratio for a noticeable responsive feel. Special leading Edge C-Rod Technology designed for long durability and quicker inflations. New airfoil and improved aerodynamic shape for better penetration and glide. Low drag combination of hybrid sheathed/unsheathed lines for increased speed and performance. This resulted in less drag over the airfoil and giving improved glide performance. Optimized number and positions of attachment points on the canopy for higher loadings.

The latest "Paragliding" software helped to aid design by giving a cleaner sail. This resulted in less drag over the airfoil and giving improved glide performance. The classic construction with diagonal V-tapes and a system of de-powering straps gives the canopy stability and helps maintain a clean profile. Lines are attached to every second rib and this construction allows the lines to be reduced to two tiers except at the wing tip. To improve the sink rate whilst in big ears a wide area of the surface is attached to the outermost lines and those lines are reduced to three tiers. A very simple line layout allows easy preparation prior to take off.

The main lines of Pasha 5 Trike have higher strengths and different main line diameters compared to free flying version. The Pasha 5 Trike has a 5 point riser including a longer trimmer system with claw buckles on D straps and additional claw buckles on A straps. It offers higher cruising speed and good fuel consumption. The A straps are split to facilitate Big Ears. The positioning of the outermost A line makes progressive closure easy. Special attention to the small details are clearly seen on the Pasha 5 Trike. It is equipped brake handles with a swivel and extra strong neodyme magnets as a standard option. Velcro closures on the wingtips make access easier to remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider.

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